The ‘B’ Word

They think it’s all over – oh no it’s not, well not yet anyway. Don’t worry, this is not a rehashed blog from last summer about the World Cup. Instead, we’re talking about the dreaded ‘B’ word, a word so hideous, so ghastly and so totally terrifying that we dare not print it in full. We’d all been led to believe that tomorrow was ‘D’-day (or rather ‘B’-day) and then suddenly it’s not and it’s been extended by another two weeks or maybe longer still. It’s all very confusing, especially when you set your clocks by the ‘B’ schedule, not forgetting that we put them forward an hour this weekend. So here we are a-stuttering and a-spluttering towards what we thought was the end game and more light at the end of the tunnel, (which is at least true meteorologically), when we discover that there appears to be a semi-permanent total eclipse of the sun and that someone seems to have made the tunnel a lot longer. That and the proliferation of unhelpful words such as ‘cliff-edge’ and ‘abyss’, and weirdly the seeming distortion of time itself, with lines like ‘May gone before the end of March’. Where will it all end? 

One thing which will never change is the work/life balance. You work hard so you deserve to play hard. You might be out of step with your legislators and them with you, but it remains an enduring fact of life that we all need time off. The trouble is that the powers that be are still all so fixated on ‘B’ that small inconsequential matters like petty street crime and burglary are rising exponentially without apparently any remedy. You certainly wouldn’t be the only householder to be fretting about going away this year for two or three weeks and leaving your house empty, no matter how vigilant your neighbours are. And then what do you do with your pets when you go away? Is there anybody out there who still believes that kennels are good for your furry friends, let alone being value for money? Oh, if only you could find a solution for these 
questions. Ahem, we might be able to help. Here, at Professional House Sitters, you can get in touch via our secure website with our reliable trustworthy house sitters, all of whom have a current police check. Many of them will be very happy to look after your pets as well your house, thus solving the security and animal welfare issues at a stroke. And if you’re wondering how much all this costs, it’s a lot less than you might think, certainly compared to the cost of a couple of weeks in a kennels or cattery. You can join on either a monthly or annual basis, and you can join as either a homeowner or house sitter, or both, for the same remarkably low price. It all seems so simple – it is! Don’t delay – join Professional House Sitters today!