Will always use a sitter from now on

We went to Portugal for three weeks in July and we used a house sitter for the first time. We had just planted a new garden so we needed someone who could water and tend for it as well as looking after our dog and cat. It was the best thing we ever did and we will now be using a sitter every time we go away!
S.Walsh Dublin

My first time house sitting and I loved it!

I am a freelancer so as long as I have good internet connection I can work anywhere. My friend has done some house sitting so she presuaded me to give it a go. The lease had come up on my flat so it was the ideal time to try it. I have just completed my first house and cat sit which I really enjoyed. I am now looking for a long term sit, preferably overseas, as I quite like the nomadic lifestyle!


Never using kennels again!

We had never used a house sitter until last month and we will defintiely be doing so from now on. Not only did we save over £400 in kennel fees, our dog George was delighted to stay at home and loved his sitter! We are just about to book another holiday in October/November so we will be looking for a house sitter again!


Will be using this service again for sure

Our dog Joey was delighted to staycation while we went on holiday! We go away 3 or 4 times a year and the kennel fees are a big expense for us. Friends recommended Professional House Sitters and the process was so simple and we found an ideal sitter in 3 days. We will be listing our house again when we go away in September. Thanks PHS for a great money saving service!

Padraig Cotter, Cork, Ireland

Excellent service!

We went away for 3 weeks and we never enjoyed a holiday more knowing that our home was in safe hands with Matilda. She looked after the garden, watering pruning and we have booked her again for the summer.

Jennifer Perkins, Devon



We saved a fortune on kennel fees!

We had never thought of getting a house/pet sitter until last month when we had to go away at short notice. We had heard of the Professional House Sitters site so we joined and contacted a few people. Within a couple of days we found someone to come and look after our home and dog Harry. Thanks PHS we will be using you again!

Patrick Gordon, London


Great service

Excellent website, very well laid out and extremely easy to use. It was our first time using this type of service and we will definitely be getting a house sitter from Professional House Sitters from now on.

C. Jenkins Norfolk