Light at the end of the tunnel

You would have to have been locked away in a dark room these past few weeks to avoid the inescapable conclusion that we appear to have weathered the storm and turned the corner. (I could carry on clicheing much longer but I think that’s enough). No, I’m not talking about the economy, nor the situation regarding a London football club who play in royal blue which I have the misfortune to support (cue a well known soap opera signature tune followed by the rapid distribution of P45s); [as a matter of fact I’ve always preferred rugby, and ain’t that going well?]; and certainly not the dreaded, unmentionable ‘B’ factor (not to be confused with the X factor), where we seem to be hurtling towards the cliff edge, and yet we can almost see light at the end of the tunnel; (sorry, I couldn’t resist a few more). Actually, when you think about it, there has to be light at the end of tunnels otherwise we’d never see the light and we’d be in perpetual darkness and tunnels; and surely a cliff edge, by its very definition, has to be in the open air, and thus has to be in daylight at least part of the time. Oh, and I almost forgot, when the dreaded, unmentionable ‘B’ d-day comes around in not much more than a month’s time, we’ll be putting our clocks forward into summertime mode pretty much simultaneously so there really will be more light, and some of it may even be at the end of the tunnel.

Anyway, I digress. As I prepare to sell my soapbox (one careful owner) on E-bay, I was of course referring to potential signs of the first green shoots of spring (yet another cliche!). Have we really got away with virtually no snow this winter? We only had one light dusting about six weeks ago down south. And although, the evenings are still chilly, it’s almost pleasantly warm during the day if the sun is out. Now we all know we shouldn’t necessarily be ditching the winter clothes quite yet and I’m old enough to remember snow in May, for heaven’s sake. But I reckon we’re on pretty safe ground to suppose that we’ve seen the worst of winter this year. And with that utterly controversial and earth-shattering statement, and warming to my theme, I now propose to cleverly link the twin topics of this blog as follows: as the weather seems to be cheering up, you get to feel the first stirrings of wanderlust and the desire to travel and see the world; and, slightly more tenuously, just as we have no idea what’s going to really happen post ‘B’, so you couldn’t possibly have experienced the allure of housesitting if you’ve never tried it. Well, here’s your chance. You could be staying in a lovely family home rent-free in an exotic part of the world. If you like pets, you can offer to look after them as well, and that would make you more attractive as a sitter. Or maybe, you’re a homeowner and you’d like to find a housesitter. Fear not because both avenues can be simply and securely explored by joining Professional House-Sitters for a fee either on an annual or monthly basis considerably cheaper than you might think. Especially so if you’re used to paying for the costs of kennels or catteries. It all seems so simple – it is! What are you waiting for? Don’t delay – join Professional House Sitters today.