In the bleak midwinter!

Is that it? Was that it? How was it for you? Whatever you think I’m referring to, I was actually talking about Christmas! Why is it that every year we make such a fuss about the festive season? It has to be bigger and better than the previous year, we all have to eat and drink more than normal, and as for our spending money, the only way is up! Which is pretty damn stupid when you consider that most people get their December pay cheques before Christmas, and then have an agonising six weeks to wait before their January cheque. And then suddenly that’s it, it’s all over. That was your life, mate! If autumn is a time for mists and mellow fruitfulness, then January is a time for bloated, superannuated credit card bills, discarded and dead Christmas trees dumped in the street for the refuse collectors to take away, and the return of ‘the Beast from the East’. Not to mention the first flake of snow which of course will make the whole country grind to a halt. Yes, you could just about make a case for spring being around the corner, sort of, but it’s a dreadfully long and winding road which might go on for another couple of months, if not longer. All I know is that it’s still very dark very early, and that the next person who asks me why I’m not doing dry January might well get a punch in the mouth! And after all this, with infuriating, indefatigable illogic, in eleven months’ time, we’ll go through the whole thing all over again. Crazy, isn’t it?

What’s not crazy though, is your chance to join Professional House Sitters this month. If, as the saying goes, puppies are for life, not just for Christmas, joining our site could be the best move you make this month. And as a special New Year’s giveaway, we are offering the first twenty home owners and the first twenty house sitters who e-mail us by Friday 15th February a free annual membership. Yes, you read that correctly: an absolutely free membership for twelve months without a penny to pay. Even if you miss the deadline, it’s still remarkably cheap to come on board after this date. You all know the way it works by now. You can join as either an owner or a sitter or both, which then gives you access to our ever-growing database, and then find your ideal sitter while you go away, or find your ideal house-sit while the owner’s away. I’m afraid our site can’t help you with your frighteningly large credit card bills this month; but joining it can help you save money on the costs of kennels and catteries, and certainly give you peace of mind if you want to get away from it all by using one of our reliable and trustworthy sitters to look after your home and pets. It all seems so simple.

It is. Don’t delay – join Professional House Sitters today!